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Mobile hamshack pictures
W7HD Site Pages
Link to my webpage What is there
OVARC newsletters Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club Newsletters
Arizona Desert Aire Waves ADAW - the Arca Desert Aire Waves website
SSH Linux and Windows How to set up ssh for Linux and Windows
Misc Ham info Ham band color chart & misc stuff
SDR References
Software Defined Radio section
Howto for installing SDRSHARP and VBCABLE in Windows 10
Elecraft NEW Files specific to Elecraft, including programs
Now that I own one, watch for more KX3 references
KX3 Rigcat macros FLDIGI RIGCAT macros for KX3
Satellite info
Satellite reference page for info and programs
New satellite antenna articles added
5W transceiver
Here you'll find the programs and info I use and how I use them
including how to make it work with other digital programs
(No external cabling required - it's all virtual!)
Bitx 10W transceiver Bitx 10W transceiver instructions and code
W7HD says: I built mine 15-Feb-2018
Digital files Digital files available here
List of fldigi-oriented files Newest fldigi scripts and other files related to fldigi
FLDIGI howto in pictures A set of fldigi pictorials to show how it is installed and
what all the menus are.
FLdigi multiples How to set up FLdigi to use multiple versions
Digital HTML References Links to Digital Mode information and programs on other sites
Including Links to several PSK31 videos
W7HD antenna A small field portable dipole (May 2003 QST article)
PSK, JT65 and FT8 frequencies My list of digital frequencies gathered from others.
Now includes the PropNET frequencies, JT65 and FT8
W7HD Linux Page All my Linux stuff is now here, including scripts.
Just added the GQRX actual install detail for Linux Mint 18.
LINUX-SIG Files pertaining to the OVPD LINUX SIG and
Files for the Raspberry Pi.
Satellite info Some references for satellite communication that come in handy
Ham manuals and downloads Ham programs, manuals, and files to download from here,
including digital modes
Ham Radio Dealer websites Alphabetical list of ham radio dealers I've found
Last updated 21-Jan-2018
HFWIN propagation predictor See where you should be able to talk to at what time-of-day
Understanding Propagation Understanding LF and HF propagation PDF document
by Steve Nichols, G0KYA and Alan Melia, G3NYK
Written for the rest of us
(Maybe it should be called Propagation for Dummies)
Windows files Windows freeware utilities and ham programs available for download
incl. orbitron satellite tracking program
Cellphone text messaging What email addresses to use for text messaging
Tips and Tricks Tips and Tricks for amateur radio, RVers & misc. by W7HD
Antenna project for fifth-wheel My fifth-wheel antenna project
Printer info Only the Samsung M2020 is there right now, but more to come
NO Machine The amazing alternative to teamviewer that runs on all the following:
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Android
  • Windows