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Useful propagation sources Useful solar propagation outlook sources from NOAA that
I use to create my propagation forecast. It also contains
explanations of HF Radio Communications and Solar Flux.
Conus band conditions Current HF band conditions (160-15)
Goes Xray flux GOES X-ray flux with 3 day plot and 6 hour plot
Space weather woman Dr. Tamitha Skov with amateur radio references
NOAA Weekly highlights Weekly highlights from NOAA and 27-day forecast
NOAA 27-day outlook 27-day outlook of 10.7 cm radio flux and geomagnetic indices
NOAA Sunspot numbers Predicted sunspot number and radio flux
W7HD Propagation Forecast This prediction is for the coming week for the Tucson area.
It is updated each week after the Sunday nite net.
Prediction references QRP operating hints for propagation conditions by W7HD
FDIM81.pdf Reference document for propagation predictions
by Paul Harden NA5N
Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Space weather services for Global
HF conditions. Many good charts
and graphs available here.
Use the chart for the station nearest the one you wish
to contact. These charts show which frequency to use
for contact with a station from a mobile.
WM7D Solar info
WM7D's Solar Resource Page
Band Conditions
NEW Current band condition report
N0NBH solar info Paul Hermann in Sierra Vista, AZ has a gorgeous
space weather page with a HUGE amount of info.
Space Weather Displays  
SWPC Real-time Monitor Displays
Space weather alerts
NOAA/SWPC Warnings Timeline
Solar wind animation Solar wind animation for viewing oncoming CMEs
Proton flux Goes 13 Proton flux
DXMAPS DXmaps for North America 6M plus more
Added 24-Jun-2015
F6CGI Propagation Forecast Real-time propagation info from SWPC NOAA
PSK reporter Near real-time propagation from over 800 monitoring stations
Drupal WSPRNET weak signal propagation info
Propnet Propagation realtime map esp. 6M 10M 30M
An N pin means Non-PropNet (NPN in the table)
L means Lurker (non-transmitting Propnet)
file downloads
PropNetPSK versions available here
Click here to see current propagation map for North America
PNP_Under_LINUX.doc How to get PNP running under Linux
YouTube video of Propnet from N2NXZ
Part 97 Digital Rule       Propnet PSK frequencies
DX QSL NET Propagation Collected from many sources.
Very useful for ham radio operators
2M Propagation Map VHF Propagation Maps - ng0e
HFWIN propagation predictor See where you should be able to talk to at what time-of-day
Understanding Propagation Understanding LF and HF propagation PDF document
by Steve Nichols, G0KYA and Alan Melia, G3NYK
Written for the rest of us
(Maybe it should be called Propagation for Dummies)
Propagation A very good explanation of propagation and how K index works
from the Heart of Texas DX Society
Beacon lists Links to beacon lists
DXMAPS Nice map showing propagation paths
means it is used for my propagation forecast