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Links to other sites
Contest calendar An excellent source for contest schedules and information
KB4MTO/TA5ZC website Hank has lots of good stuff on his site. Well worth a visit.
Radio history Thanks to Apple Creek HS (Joy McMahon) for this link to a nice
history of radio.
Telecommunications History Timeline of telecommunications history. Thanks to Peyton Clarkson!
Propagation A very good explanation of propagation and how K index works
from the Heart of Texas DX Society
Gridmapper Nice map to grid tool on QRZ.COM
APRS APRS display site in Finland
Router Hash Elimination From Jeff N7YG - how he eliminated wireless router hash
Brenna says go_here A nice place to meet other hams
N4LCD Freq List Bandplans - Commonly used amateur frequencies (160M-70cm)
FCC FCC Amateur Radio Service website
ULS Go here to register, online filing for new/renew/modify licenses.
Call sign lookup Lookup amateur call sign on FCC database
Available callsigns Site to lookup available and upcoming available calls American Radio Relay League, W1AW, Newington, CT
Amateur Radio News and a lot of reference material available here
Band plan ARRL band plan (text version)
ARRL Vec pools Link to ARRL VEC question pools for all ham tests
Hamfests ARRL Hamfest Listing
ARCA Amateur Radio Council of Arizona
ARA Arizona Repeater Association
OVARC Oro Valley Amateur Radio Club
RST Radio Club Radio Society of Tucson radio club
CalculatorEdge Handy online engineering calculators
DipoleEasy Building and Tuning a Dipole the Easier Way
AMSAT The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation
PropNet Propnet - Current propagation maps: be a station, lurker or probe
Real-time propagation for several bands.
Hamsphere Virtual but very realistic online radio.
Play with various radios, beams, etc.
Also useful for non-hams to practice.
History of telecommunication It was a great timeline, and was fun to
see how technology has evolved over the years!
Thanks to Mrs. Veronica Taylor from
SOTA WATCH Summits on the Air
Greenshot Easy-to-use free screenshot for Windows
recommended by W7HD - Open source projects
SDR References My Software Defined Radio section
Now includes where to listen to digital mode sounds.
Last updated 12-Feb-2013
Beacon lists Links to beacon lists, programs and news
US 50MHz beacons North American 50 Mhz Beacon Map by K9MU
6M Propagation Map VHF Propagation Maps - ng0e
SMIRK Six Meter International Radio Klub
HeyWhatsThat Online Antenna Path Profiler
Cable spec chart A very nice PDF colorized cable comparison chart
Oscar satellite status Chart of Oscar satellites heard
Satellite FM Freq KD0HKD Satellite Frequencies
for FM Amateur Radio Satellites w/PL
Satellite links NEW Amateur radio satellite http links
Educational links Links from Sara Bell for educators
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